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  • How to use Instagram Filters

    By / August 22, 2015 / How To, Photography

    Modern technology has presented many ways to edit photos, and here I will give a quick example of how different Instagram Filters can change your image.   Instagram filters are a type of photo editing. Editing an image after it was taken is usually referred to asĀ “post production,” or more simply “post.” If you hear… [read more]

  • Sushi Basics

    By / June 2, 2015 / Food, How To

    Sushi can be absolutely delicious, and I sometimes forget how intimidating it can be for someone who has never tried it before. Thus, I will try to explain a few of the basics real quick so a beginner can enjoy what so many of us already do.     Sushi is a broad term that… [read more]

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