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Nite Ize is a small light that is durable, glows brightly, and easily clips onto anything you need. The LED light is more like a lantern than a flash light, and for less than $5 can provide safety and utility. If you are looking for an inexpensive light for dogs, then the Nite Ize is definitely worth consideration.



Nite Ize is great because it is simple with many features:


Small and light weight (1.5″ light, 2.5″ tall with carabiner)

Water Resistant (not water proof – works great in rain or dew but not for swimming)

Attached stainless steel carabiner allows for quick attachment

LED area light uses low amount of power

Replaceable battery

Solid light or flashing signal

Multiple color options, including color changing


I first heard about Nite Ize lights when camping with friends in Colorado. We were at Eleven Mile State Park, and a friend had one of these little lights clipped to his dog’s collar. The dog was leashed, so it wasn’t running away, but we could have easily tripped over the black dog in the dark. The Nite Ize was a great light for dogs, because we could see where it was at all times.

After hearing about Nite Ize, I bought a red one right away and have found many uses for it.


As a light for dogs, it works great for multiple scenarios. The glow makes it easy to spot my dog when visiting friends  hanging out in someone’s backyard, so I can make sure he hasn’t escaped through an open gate or a hole in a fence. The glow also lets me know when my small black dog sneaks up on me so I don’t accidentally step on him. Perhaps the best reason for a light for dogs is in case they get loose, so that cars can see them coming from as far away as possible.

I also use my Nite Ize while riding my bike at night. My bike has its own head light and tail light, but when it comes to safety redundancy is a very good thing. Clipping a Nite Ize to my backpack and strapping on a reflective arm band in addition to my bike’s lights is a low cost way to increase visibility. I have pretty good vision, but I do worry about whether other people can see me. Nite Ize will never make night bike rides worry free, but they are a great addition that can only help.


Red Nite Ize lights are also good for star gazing, because your eyes do not adjust to them the same way they do to full spectrum lights. That means you can use red lights to look at your star map, then quickly look back up at the stars without needing multiple minutes for your eyes to readjust and see the dim constellations.

Additionally, think of how many times you can use a small clip on light to fill an area.

Heading to a music festival? Using a porta-potty at night can be treacherous, so clip this light on to your bag instead of trying to use your cellphone.

Climbing into a tent but don’t want your super bright flashlight to wake up your significant other?

Want a small lightweight backup light for backpacking, even if just for changing batteries in your primary flashlight/headlamp?

Camping and want to prevent tripping over a stump, or need to keep track of something in the dark? It can be easy to lose track of a bottle opener, or the chocolate and marshmallows, etc. Mark it with a light & help out everyone.


As you can imagine, there are many more reasons to have a small, inexpensive light.

The Nite Ize is good for pet owners, bike riders, campers, and more.

It is cheap enough to be a stocking stuffer, and small enough to clip onto a backpack and forget about (yet be there when you need it). I am sure that there are many other brands of good lights out there, but I have not personally found one as good as the Nite Ize.

This is a great light that I recommend for dogs, and much more!


Nite Ize makes a great light for dogs. Shown here is a red Nite Ize on my dog's collar.

Nite Ize makes a great light for dogs. Shown here is a red Nite Ize attached to my dog’s collar.



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