Travel Beer Drinking Internship

By / March 23, 2016 / Events

Did “Travel Beer Drinking Internship” get your attention?

I just heard about an awesome internship today, so but you have to move quick because the application period ends March 26th!


World of Beer is hiring 3 “Drink it interns” to travel around the world to various breweries and taverns, trying beer, and sharing the stories.

So basically what I do now, except with beer, expenses covered by World of Beer, and you would actually get paid to do it!

The internship is for 4 months starting April 25th, and while I couldn’t find official pay information, Thrillist says you get $12,000 total along with all travel expenses reimbursed.

You can also apply in person to move your application to the “top of the pile” on March 26th in Tempe, Arizona, Tampa, Florida, or College Station, Texas.

Good luck!




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