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You already know that I am going to Burning Man this year, so if you want to join me, now is the time to Register!


Register in the next 24 hours (by 12 PST, Friday, 3/18/16) for the Main Sale, which will take place on Wednesday, March 23rd.

Go here to register:

You must set up a Burner Profile, if you haven’t already. It is simple, quick, and free.

Once you have set up an account, sit back and wait for the Main Sale. Tickets will go quick, so be logged in to your Burner Profile before noon PST (2 pm Central) next Wednesday. Quick, as in: sold out within seconds quick, btw.

If you don’t register in the next 24 hours, you will not be able to participate in the Main Sale.

If you are a scalper, keep in mind that selling Burning Man tickets for over face value breaks their terms of service, and the tickets can be voided without refund. Scalping is not cool. Please do not buy tickets you do not intend to use, and if you do end up with an extra ticket, return it into the STEP program. It may not be illegal to scalp tickets where you are, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t against the rules.


If you are undecided on whether or not to go, check out my Burning Man Overview. Burning Man is definitely not for everyone, but if you are a happy person enjoys camping, meeting new people from diverse backgrounds, and immersing yourself in new things, then I do recommend it.

Full ticket information can be found on the Burning Man Ticket Page.


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